What Pet Owners Want for Their Furry Friends

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Most pet owners consider their pets, from their puppies to their cats and all animals in between, as part of the family. This means that they worry about their pets just as much as they worry about the other members of their family. From taking the pet to the veterinarian on a regular basis for a wellness exam to giving them only the best pet products on the market, pet parents will go a long way to protect their puppies and other animals.

As a pet lover, you want to ensure your pup has the best pet food, all of his vaccines, and even the best toys that you can give them. You also want to ensure that nothing in your home, such as ticks, fleas, or even poisonous houseplants can harm your family member. There are many things that pet owners want for their precious puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens. Read on below to find out what those things are.

Pet parents want their pets to be healthy.


All pet parents want their pets to be healthy. That’s why they take them to the veterinarian for pet wellness vaccinations in Cleveland, OH, and other areas of the United States. They also take their pets in for preventative care to prevent heartworms, get supplements, and to be assured that their pet’s health is indeed in excellent condition. From their dental health to physical exams of their ears and eyes, your pet will be healthier if you take them in for regular checkups.

This is even more important as a dog or cat gets older. The older an animal is, the more apt they are to develop diseases and conditions that can hurt them or lead to an early death if they aren’t taken to a vet and treated. Pet owners just want their pets to be healthy, and this is the way to do it.

Another way to keep your pet healthy is by exercising with them every day. Whether it’s throwing a ball at the park or taking long walks around the block after dinner in the evenings, exercise is important for a dog, and it’s important for the owner too.

Pet parents want their pets to have the best pet products.


While they want their pets to be happy and do everything they can from taking their pet to the veterinarian to making sure they get the exercise they need, pet lovers also want their pups and kittens to have only the best pet supplies out there. Owners can get those pet supplies from places like PawTree, and even become a distributor for their pet supplies direct sales department if they want to make a difference and help other pet owners choose the right pet products for their furry friends. Anyone who has a passion for animals will certainly love being in this position as a salesperson for direct sales of PawTree products.

Pet parents want their pets to have the best food and shelter.


When it comes to pet care, a few things go without saying. You want your pet to have the best food and shelter that you can provide for them. You need to completely research any food you give your pet to see if it has additives and fillers in it that might cause them harm. As for shelter, every animal needs their own safe space where they can go to lie down when they’re ready to be alone. It’s best to have your dog or cat a soft bed of their own. Put the bed in a corner of the room where they are most comfortable and feel the most secure, especially if you’re going to have people running in and out, so they have a place to get away from the noise and confusion.

Pet parents want their pets to be safe.


While most pet owners know that chocolate can be unsafe for your pets, there are other things that should be put out of reach as well. There are many other things out there that are dangerous to animals. From grapes to caffeine and sweeteners to tulips, you’d be surprised at the things that could poison, or even kill your beloved pet.

One thing you have to be careful of is the type of plants that you have in your home. Make sure that all of the plants you bring indoors are non-toxic plants, such as the iron plant or the staghorn fern. The cat palm and the lady fern are excellent options as well. Dog-friendly house plants can be found online and in many stores also; you just have to do your research before buying certain types of greenery to decorate your home. If you’re searching for a new plant to decorate the rooms of your home, make sure it’s a non-toxic plant for the health of your beloved pets.

Pet parents want their pets to be happy.


In reality, the main thing pet owners want is for their beloved furry friends to be happy, content, and to feel loved and protected. It’s easy to keep a pet happy with toys, chew bones, and other pet supplies that keep them entertained. The biggest thing a pet wants, however, is its owner’s time. That’s when they are most happy. Play with your pet in the backyard, or cuddle on the couch together, so he can lay beside you while you’re watching a movie, and don’t forget to rub and pet him whenever you can.

Keep your pet safe this holiday season.


The holidays are coming up quickly, and though they are a festive time, it’s also a time when pets can be at the most risk. There’s more of a chance that your pet will get out of the house and become lost during the holidays because the doors are constantly opening and closing to let in friends and family. It’s also a time when you’ll have all kinds of food spread out on the table, and it’ll be easier for your pet to snatch something they aren’t supposed to have and eat it.

The best way to combat this is by keeping your pet out of the kitchen when you’re cooking or when you have food on the table within reach. It’s also a good idea to put your pet in another room if you’re going to have a house full of people.

Another thing to watch for is the Christmas decorations. Decorations like tinsel, needles from live trees, and the water and sap combination in a Christmas tree bucket can make your pet sick. Prevent this by putting a barrier around the tree so that your pet can’t get to it or by putting the tree in another room that the animal is not allowed to be in. You want your pet to be included in the festivities during the holidays, and that’s fine, but you have to take extra precautions to ensure they are safe at the same time.

These are just a few of the things that most pet lovers want for their furry friends. From health to happiness and from food and shelter to a lot of toys, most pet parents make that happen in spades. How about you?

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