What Is Car Detailing?

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Keeping your car immaculately clean has both aesthetic and economic benefits. Regularly detailing your car rids it of corrosive materials, extending your car’s life and increasing its value. The best way to detail your car is over the course of a few hours with the right tools and cleaning process. Take a look at how to detail your car like a professional without paying the professional price.

Evaluate the condition of your car, and prepare.

You need to evaluate just how dirty your car is before getting started. Whether your car is covered in dry mud, cloaked in dust, or marked up by salt from driving on winter roads, the condition of your car will determine what products you will need. Always read the product labels before applying anything to your car as not all automotive products are multi-purpose. Using the wrong product could damage the finish of your car, so ensure you use the right product and the right amount.

Detailing your car means giving it a deep clean that removes contaminants. To avoid washing your car with dirty water, it’s a good idea to use a three-bucket cleaning system. Fill the first bucket with clean soapy water, the second bucket with plain water for rinsing your cleaning mitt, and the third bucket with cleaning product and water specifically for your wheels.

You probably don’t realize just how many surfaces you touch throughout the day before getting behind the wheel of your car. With COVID-19 disrupting daily routines and changing the way people think about sanitation, maintaining a sanitized car is important. Recon Auto Detailing is a professional, family-owned car detailing service that cleans, disinfects, reconditions, and protects your car.

They’ll steam clean and scrub the interior, use sterilizing products, apply a photocatalytic coating, and best of all, they’ll come to you. The certified CeramicPro provider uses eco-friendly products only, and they practice cleaning methods that conserve water. Whether it’s your first detailing, you want to preserve a custom paint job, or you need a great gift idea for a car enthusiast, you can find a vehicle detailing package that suits your cleaning needs.

Detailing the Exterior


Detailing starts by cleaning the exterior of your car with a hose from the roof down to the undercarriage. Give your car a rinse to remove as much dirt as possible before using a mitt and soapy water, and then rinse again starting from the roof. Use a microfiber towel to dry your car and prevent the air from causing water spots.

Many car enthusiasts have a maintenance ritual when it comes to maintaining their cars, especially luxury and classic cars. Some collectors have to search outside their city and state to find the perfect vehicle and then arrange to have it transported. The less mileage you put on a luxury or classic car, the better, which makes car shipping a practical option. When determining how to ship a car cheaply, LAUSD explains just how easy the process can be.

You can fill out an online form to get a free quote based on the origin and destination points, the total distance, the size of the car, open or enclosed trailer, the time of the year, and the route that’s driven. You take the utmost care and planning to have your prized vehicle safely shipped to your door. The best way to keep it in pristine condition and maintain its value is with regular detailing.

Cleaning the Wheels and Tires


The wheels and tires are usually the dirtiest parts of your car as they’re in constant contact with oil, gas, mud, brake dust, and other grime on the ground. Cleaning your wheels and tires before washing the rest of the exterior avoids splashing dirty water and cleaning products on your clean, spot-free paint. Use a soft-bristled brush to apply cleaning products and brush away dirt, grease, and grime from your wheels and tires. Once the entire exterior of your car has been washed, you can apply tire shine or polish.

Using a Clay Bar


Once the surface of your car is clean and spot-free, you can notice deep blemishes such as scratches, swirls, and oxidation in the paint. A clay bar is designed to remove deep blemishes and microscopic contaminants from the paint. Simply glide the clay bar over the paint’s surface until completely covered, and then wipe it down with a microfiber towel.

Applying Car Polish and Wax

Applying car polish can help reduce the look of scratches or swirls on your car’s paint surface. Some car owners polish by hand, while others may choose to use a dual-action polisher or rotary buffer. It’s a good idea to start with a low-abrasion polish that protects your car from the elements and enhances its shine.

Detailing your car is a labor of love, and ideally, you want to use quality products that last for several weeks in-between applications. The fewer times in a month that you apply car polish and wax to your car, the less you’ll spend on products. CarCareReviews makes a great case for Nexgen Ceramic Spray, a 13 percent silicon dioxide ceramic coating that lasts up to four times longer than other products. The cost-effective product can last between four and six applications on a mid-size car and starts working immediately after application. Simply spray the product, wipe it into the surface with a microfiber towel, and buff it out. The ceramic coating is safe to apply on all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, headlights, and chrome.

Detailing the Interior


Once the exterior of your car is completed, it’s time to move on to the interior. Clean out any trash and clutter from the interior of your car, and then remove all of the floor mats. Vacuum out the car, including all crevices, underneath the seats, and the floor mats. You can use a steamer to clean soft-touch surfaces such as vinyl or leather, as well as the floor mats. If steaming doesn’t do the trick for floor mats, scrub them with a brush and soapy water. Use a microfiber towel and console-safe cleaner to clean your car’s dash, door handles, consoles, and the tops of the doors.

Turn your hobby into a career.


Technological advances in the automotive industry are leading to a growth in careers in the automotive and diesel technology field. Between advances with vehicle technology and the increase in production by major manufacturers, skilled service technicians are in high demand. NYADI (New York Auto & Diesel Institute) offers students an Automotive and Diesel Technology program that teaches professional skills and industry certification in all facets of transportation technology. Students will become prepared in five areas of ASE Education Foundation Automotive Certification and seven areas of ASE Medium/Heavy Truck Certifications. In just four semesters and 60 credit hours, graduates will be ready for careers as Truck and Diesel Technicians as well as other support positions. Naturally, graduates will be much more prepared than laymen to take care of their own cars as well.

You can give your car a professional-grade detailing in a single afternoon. Maintaining the cleanliness of your car inside and out removes harmful contaminants that can damage the surfaces of your car. The longer you can keep your car looking like new, the more value it retains.

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