Tips for Building a Better Body Image

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Tips for Building a Better Body Image

Low self-esteem in young individuals is becoming a huge problem these days. With society setting up unrealistic standards, individuals are starting to self-hate instead of self-accept their natural and beautiful bodies.

With plastic surgeries, makeup, and other transformation techniques, we have raised the bar so high for 90% of the individuals on the planet – making it impossible for them to reach.

It is time that we help such individuals in overcoming body image issues. We should develop a positive, uplifting society that takes care of one another, not break each other down. There is no competition or a win-lose situation here – just self-vain for both the parties.

Tips for Building a Better Body Image

So today, in this article, we are going to be talking about how to improve body image. If you are suffering from low self-esteem or body image issues, continue reading. You might get the help that you need to uplift your inner goddess once again.

Building a Better Body Image

  1. Appreciate yourself

If you want others to appreciate you for who you are, you need to start appreciating yourself first. You must have heard the saying; everything starts at home. Self-care is the key.

So before you start experimenting with your body and life, try appreciating yourself for what you are and how little parts of your body have made you into the amazing person you are today.

The best way to start is to nicely talk to yourself when looking in the mirror. Appreciate your large body that allows you to lift heavy things, including your baby. Appreciate your feet that allow you to move from one place to another. 

Appreciate your heart that is kind and caring towards others. Appreciate your eyes that allow you to see the world and explore its hidden beauty. Once you start appreciating, you will begin to understand that there is more good than bad.

  1. Write down the positives

Sometimes we need a reminder to fully understand who we are. Often at times, people around you will remind you of your personality and self-image. But you can never be sure that what they are reminding you of is either good or bad for you.

Therefore instead of depending on others to remind you, you need to start reminding yourself of all the positives in your life to develop a positive body image.  The best activity to do so is to make a list of five things that you like about your personality and a list of five things you like about your body.  

Carrying this activity every day will remind you of all the good you have in life instead of focusing on the negatives.

  1. Reminders Help

Sometimes it is good to put little reminders here and there to keep yourself reminded of all the good in life.  Keeping a journal is great because we don’t look at it all day.  

Therefore the best approach is to write down motivational things on sticky notes and paste them in different places around your home. Stick one on your bathroom mirror, the next on your kitchen cabinet if you cook regularly, one on your fridge maybe, and lastly, one in your to-do list notebook.

  1. Do what makes you feel good

Instead of focusing on what makes others happy, start committing yourself to do things that make you feel good. Life is so much more than the way you look.  

Instead of focusing on what others might perceive of you, do what makes you happy, even if it is eating alone at a restaurant, taking yourself to the movies, or wandering the streets in your pajamas.  

  1. Keep your mind busy

Someone once said that an empty mind is a place for the devil.  So instead of sitting idly and procrastinating on what you might do next, come up with a busy schedule.

Try exercising in your free time. It helps in calming your mind, or testing new recipes, or hanging out with people that make you feel good about yourself. Keep your mind occupied so that it doesn’t get filled with negative thoughts.

Try Kratom to feel good as well. According to the Red maeng da Kratom review, it helps individuals feel good about themselves by releasing happy hormones in the system. It is also one of the best Kratom for pain relief.

  1. The mirror is your friend

The mirror is not your enemy.  The people around you that make you feel bad about yourself are.  The mirror shows you the real you.  Instead of keeping up with society’s standards, keep up with the standards of the individual looking back at you in the mirror. 

Talk to that person. Point out the positives and leave the negatives. Make the person in the mirror feel good about him and stop judging just like others in society.

  1. Say no to comparison

Whether you believe in God or science, in both scenarios, you need to understand that people aren’t made to look the same or act the same. Shut down that comparison game that leads to all the negative thoughts in your mind. 

You probably want to look like someone else, whereas they might be someone around you that might want to look like you. There is no winning in comparison. You will always find someone better to compare yourself too. So why do it when we all are meant to be unique in our own way.

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