Renovations to Consider Before an Open House

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Getting ready to put your house on the real estate market can be taxing. There is so much work to be done to get your old home sold and get ready for moving into your new home, along with regular check-ins with your real estate agent about potential buyers or hosting an open house.

For a homeowner looking to sell, there are a few renovations you should keep in mind to create the difference between an average open house and a successful open house.

Electrical Adjustments


Faulty wiring in your home can not only be a nuisance, but it can actually be a fire hazard as well. If you’ve noticed that your energy bill has gone up in recent months, it’s possible that older wiring is wasting a lot of your energy and creating a hidden danger. Having a licensed electrician evaluate any issues with wiring can be among some easy same-day renovation projects.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is another great way to make your home more marketable. Open house visitors may see a reduced environmental footprint as a perk, and a potential buyer could see this as future savings in the long run. Homeowners could upgrade to Energy Star appliances, or install extra insulation to seal up leaks around doors and windows.

It may help to schedule an appointment to also evaluate your home’s HVAC system. Potential leaks in ductwork could also drive electric bills higher with too much push on the system to raise the heat or the air conditioning. A malfunctioning HVAC system can also be a health hazard in one’s own home for people with respiratory issues, due to dirt and clogged filters and ducts collecting allergens and dust.

Curb Appeal


It’s one thing to just put up an open house sign and hope for the best, but if the exterior of the home isn’t eye-popping, prospective buyers may just walk on by without giving the interior a glance. Curb appeal is everything for a seller and a real estate agent.

It’s a great idea to spring for landscaping to spruce up the front yard. While you don’t need to make any installations like new plants, it is something to consider while just getting the lawn trimmed and trees pruned. If you have any dents and dings to the exterior of your homes like the garage door or front patio, be sure to make little touch-ups before the big day to make sure there’s nothing outside that will detract from what could be superior home décor.

For greater peace of mind in doing a glance over of your property, rely on friends and family to help in the selling process. It may be a long way yet before anyone is getting you housewarming gifts for men, like a nice bottle of whiskey, when you’ve settled into your new digs.

Getting Your Plumbing in Order


Word of mouth, a warm household feel, and a friendly real estate agent are how to have a successful open house. However, a great first impression of a house is not going to be enough for a potential buyer. They want to make sure they are not walking into a home that could end up hitting them harder financially than just the purchase of the house.

It’s important to check your plumbing for any leaks that may cause rust or issues with blockages that could be a greater expense. A licensed plumber can be booked for an appointment in advance of the open house to get the best look at fixtures before a new client walks in.

While plumbing can be a big job, there are contractors who offer 24-7 services and can provide a little peace of mind to sellers and real estate agents who are trying to get this house moving.

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