The Top 5 Gifts of 2021

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The holidays may be over, but there’s still a spirit of gift-giving in the air. Giving and receiving presents is one of the most enjoyable acts we can do for our loved ones. Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason; it’s one of those “just because” treats that we all love to experience. You don’t always need an occasion to be a cheerful giver. Making it to the year 2021 is a gift itself, and it should be celebrated rightfully so. Need some ideas on gifts that will blow your loved ones away? We’ve got you covered.

1. Cannabis Goodies

Seriously, what’s a better gift than kicking back and getting high? Several states all across the United States of America are in the process of decriminalizing marijuana (including making this enticing plant legalized and set for medicinal use). There are plenty of benefits to cannabis use: it helps relieve pain, treats mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, treats glaucoma, and a plethora of other benefits.

It’s more than likely that your friend is looking to relax; help them do so by picking up a gift from The Legion of Bloom. The Legion of Bloom is a company that produces high-quality products in the cannabis culture. While doing so, they maintain eco-friendly and conscious practices. Imagine how good it feels to enjoy a plant from the Earth while also helping save the Earth. Well, you don’t need to imagine it. Pick up one of their products, such as The Monarch (one of their vape pens), to gift to your loved one.

2. Odor Spray

Speaking of cannabis, it’s wise to not let the scent linger on. Marijuana doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, and there are plenty of cases when you have to get rid of that scent entirely. Don’t worry about reaching for your air freshener or candle; we have the perfect solution for you.

Veil is a spray that eliminates weed odor. Not only does it clear the air (literally and figuratively), but it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic. Your friend will definitely enjoy having this spray around (especially for after a smoke session with their vape). Head over to Veil to shop for this handy gift.

3. Intimates

With Valentine’s Day coming up, women and men everywhere are scheming elaborate plans to profess their love. Chocolates and roses are a given, but the gift-giving doesn’t stop with those sweet tokens. We’re all familiar with how romantic the bedroom can be on this holiday, so how about you dress the part?

Wearing lingerie and sexy underwear plays a huge role for couples everywhere. Dressing down for the occasion can be essential for a good time, so you should make sure your friend is all prepared in the underwear department. The perfect place to shop at for intimates is TellTale. This company sells an impressive variety of lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes, and their collection ranges from retro underwear to gorgeous panties.

Before you take advantage of TellTale’s standard free shipping, take some time to check in with your friend and see what kind of underwear they prefer. Are they into lace or a different fabric? Do they enjoy full coverage or are they cheeky? Regardless of their personal taste, TellTale will have a selection right up their alley.

4. Essentials for Sleeping

We can’t stress the importance of getting a good night’s rest enough. How are we going to live each day to the fullest if we’re feeling drained from a lack of quality sleep? Even so, falling asleep isn’t as easy as counting sheep. Rest is truly a gift that will keep on giving.

If your friend is having issues falling asleep, you can be a huge service by providing them with some goodies that can help rock them to sleep. Here are a few must-haves for a good night’s sleep.

  • Lavender Oil. This essential oil has a calming effect and is great for helping a person relax.
  • Chamomile Tea. Delicious and effective, this is the tea that you want to sip on before bedtime.
  • Earplugs. Sometimes, it’s not always possible to fall asleep in total silence (especially if you live in a large, busy city). You can, however, help block that nose with a handy pair of earplugs.
  • Melatonin Pills. This is a natural supplement that we already produce, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra push to doze off.

Using these products, make a cute care package to gift for your loved one. They’ll not only love the consideration, but they’ll be relieved knowing they can get help with falling asleep a little easier.

5. Healing Crystals and Stones


It’s safe to say that the world has been on edge for a while. The Covid-19 pandemic is still a major pressing issue, and its devastating effects continue to shake us up. It often feels like there’s not much we can control, but have a little faith: you can control your energy.

Crystals and stones are great sources to turn to when you feel your energy is out of whack. You’d be surprised at how something so small can be so mighty. Crystals are known for their healing properties, and they also serve as a tool to use while you practice habits such as manifestation and meditation (plus, they’re absolutely beautiful to look at or to use for decor). You can learn more about how to incorporate the use of crystals and stones into your daily life here.

A great crystal to start your collection off with is the amethyst stone. Amethyst is known for its intuitive properties; while you meditate or use this crystal, you’ll be able to listen to your intention more clearly. Another stone to pick up is selenite. Selenite is wonderful to use when you feel as though you need an energy booster. This stone is responsible for recharging and re-cleansing your spirit, in addition to other crystals and stones you may have. If you’re sold on crystals, don’t hesitate to get your first set.

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