Why You Need To Use Videography in Your Business

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Today’s modern, digital world is one of images and videos. Whether you’re launching a construction company or have crafted a business plan for a hipster café, you will inevitably need some sort of product videos or explainer videos in order to entice buyers. New businesses, especially, need to invest in engaging media content. This means both still images that catch the eye of potential customers and high-quality video production that you can share across social media and the whole internet. If you want to have your business name on the lips of all potential buyers out there, you need to have the photo and video content to get it there.

Why can’t you just take product videos on your iPhone or Android device? Why isn’t it a good idea to edit explainer videos on your own laptop? Let’s take a deep dive into why both large and small businesses who are serious about selling should incorporate professional video production services into their business plan sooner rather than later.

As a small business owner, you have enough to do.

Launching a startup is a big job. As a business owner, you need to develop a solid business plan, a market strategy, and manage cash flow—not to mention hiring employees and communicating with suppliers. With all of that going on for you, you don’t need to be trying to learn how to edit a product demo video on your laptop or desktop computer. Just like you would hire a lawyer to navigate your legal issues and legal paperwork, it’s a good idea to hire a creative agency to take care of all you corporate video needs.

It’s also a good idea to inform yourself about all the ins and outs of the industry you’re getting into, as well as any weaknesses you may not be aware of. By subscribing to industry leading magazines and newsletters, you’ll be getting insights about selling delivered to your doorstep. A successful business is one that’s led by a business owner who is open to educating themselves about specific licenses, obtaining new clients, and how to identify a target audience. By subscribing to magazines and other materials, you’ll be in a great place to make any important decisions for your business entity.

Video production is harder than it looks.

Shooting a short video to send a loved one on their birthday is fine to do on a smartphone, but product video production is harder than you may think. If your skills lay in business management or in navigating the construction industry, don’t try to add video production to your to-do list. Video production professionals will understand about building a storyboard and a script, but will also know how to gear marketing videos, product videos, and more to your specific business plan and market research. That’s good news for any entrepreneur, regardless of the marketplace they’re engaged in.

Consumers are savvy about video content.

Maybe entrepreneurs who were starting a new business 20 years ago could shoot a marketing video on their Camcorder, but potential clients these days are too savvy for that. Entrepreneurs who are figuring out how to start a construction company shouldn’t take the acumen of potential customers for granted. These days, people are bombarded with video content on every social media platform there is—from Instagram to TikTok and beyond—and a shoddy script or storyboard will be obvious. If you want your construction company to seem reliable, and if you want potential customers to believe your skills as a contractor, you need to have excellent video content. A potential client who sees a badly made explainer video will wonder if the buildings built by your construction company are badly made as well.

Whether you’re starting your own construction company or launching a boutique café, it’s important to know what you need to do on your own and what will be best left to subcontractors. While you, as business owner, need to keep tabs on bills and cash flow, the most effective way to manage marketing online is to hire out creative subcontractors for all your video content needs. That way, you can stay focused on business management, and be sure that you’ll have the best videos in the marketplace.

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