How To Look Like A Pool Goddess Effortlessly

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You’ve seen other women’s social media posts where they’re sitting poolside on a sunny day looking like they never even tried to be that gorgeous. It’s almost maddening how effortless it all looks. It’s not just that the photo’s well crafted—angles really are everything—it’s that there’s special attention made to every detail.

Every woman has an inner goddess, so how can you capture that essence for yourself? It’s actually easier than you might think. Here are a few tips that will help you look like the pool goddess you already are both inside and out.

Build your oasis from the ground up.

Step one in capturing your goddess self is building your stomping grounds. Every goddess has a special place that’s all her own. Artemis feels most at home in the woods, while Athena’s more of an urban woman, hanging out in the acropolis they named after her. Yes, Queen! Your oasis will be the pool you build in your backyard.

Creating a space with goddess vibes is about more than just the pool itself. It’s also about the environment you build around that initial structure. Do you want a waterfall? How about a spa? What’s going to make you feel best in your own skin? Take an interest in how your pool’s designed. Work with a company that will work with you. Look for the best pool builders Lakeland FL or wherever you’re living has to offer. Don’t settle for working with anyone, but the best.

Dress the Part

Once you have your sacred space, you’ve got to dress the part of the goddess. Your old swimsuit just won’t do. Find outfits that empower you, and make you feel like the radiant beauty you already are. The swimsuit you pick’s just the base of your outfit. From there, you’ll need a cover-up that flows like the great energy you’re putting out in the world.

The trick of looking like an Instagram model is wearing clothes next to your pool that you’d also just wear out in public to look amazing. By layering a ruana wrap over your swimsuit, you’ll be looking casual, comfortable, and all-natural. Flowing clothes give you that effortless look you’re going for. Pick a ruana wrap in your favorite color or that’s reflective of the color of your aura. Anything goes. You’re the goddess!

Let your hair do what Mother Nature intended.

To make your look seem effortless, just enhance the characteristics that Mother Nature already gave you. Do you have naturally curly hair? Tame you’re luscious lion’s mane with a curling wand or waver. Just touch it up. Try not to spend too much time, or else, you’ll look overdone. Embrace what your hair’s already doing for an effortless look that will require little effort.


Wear your sunscreen.

No matter how much you might hate applying sunscreen, you’ve got to take the time to care for your skin. If you want a tan, find an organic self-tanner to get the color you want without the damage you’ll hate. A true goddess isn’t lobster red and peeling. If you don’t like how greasy sunscreen is, there are powder sunscreens that will keep you safe, allow you to wear makeup, and help you avoid getting lotion in your eyes.


Have your own fun photo session.

Now that you have all the components for a fun in the sun kind of day, ask one of your close friends to come over to your beautiful pool for a photo shoot. You don’t need professional equipment anymore to get great photos. Play around with angles and locations. Change up your clothes and show how comfortable you are in your own skin. That’s what this is really all about anyway—taking the time to love and celebrate yourself.

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