Travel Tips for the Savvy Woman

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Traveling is always exciting. New places, new people, new food to try—all of it is enough to make your heart flutter and cheeks flush. That being said, there’s always a little bit of nervousness that goes along with traveling as well. What if you don’t manage to get around? What if you get lost? What if you pack the wrong things or end up being bored in this brand new place?

There’s so much to think about when planning a trip, but don’t let that get in the way of the excitement. After all, the whole point is to make memories. Stop worrying that you won’t find things to do near San Francisco, and read on for some travel tips to get you on the right path.

Check the weather before you pack.


Unless you’re traveling to the corner store, you’ll probably need to take a different climate into account when you’re traveling. That means that you need to check what the weather will be during your time away. For example, San Francisco is known for its foggy days, but Los Angeles is known for its sunny beaches, but both can have days of the opposite weather as well. Check a weather app for a ten-day forecast, and pack accordingly.

If, for example, it’ll be on the cooler side, but you still want to look fabulous, pack some Journee shoes women’s boots that will give you the versatility and comfort you’re looking for. After all, when you’re traveling, you want boots or shoes that are comfortable enough to walk around and see the sights in, while still allowing you to go out in the evening to a fancy wine bar and enjoy a local Merlot. You want shoes that empower you to feel like a woman of the world, globe-trotting your way around without a care. Invest in quality footwear to feel amazing on your trip.

Make a list of must-do activities.


Wherever you’re headed, there are sure to be some activities you simply don’t want to miss out on. If you’re in Maine, you may want to make sure you see Acadia National Park or go on a whale watching tour. If you’re in San Francisco, maybe you’ll want to make a pilgrimage to Alcatraz. Whatever you’re into, make sure you’ve made a list ahead of time so that nothing slips your mind.

If you’re in Hawaii, one thing you that should definitely make your list is bodyboarding lessons. There’s really no better way to feel at one with the ocean than to bodyboard. You’ll feel like a part of the waves and will probably find it both an intense physical experience and a beautiful spiritual one. While it’s an unusual pastime on the islands, make sure to look up bodyboarding options if you’re headed that way.

Look at customer reviews on local eateries.


Food tourism is one of the best kinds of tourism there is. Traveling provides the opportunity to enjoy cuisines you’d never have had the chance to eat otherwise. Before you get on an airplane or in the car, look up what locals consider to be an iconic local food, and make sure to try it. Whether it’s blue crabs in Baltimore, deep-dish pizza in Chicago, or gumbo in New Orleans, there will always be something you don’t want to miss out on.

With that in mind, there are probably plenty of mediocre restaurants trying to cash in on tourism dollars by making subpar iconic foods. That’s why you should always make sure to check reviews by local folks before going to a restaurant. Find the one that everyone says is a must-eat-experience, and make it your business to patronize the establishment before heading home.

These are just a few ideas for making the most of your vacay. There’s plenty more, of course, but, by following this list, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience.

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