Tips for Keeping Up Brand Image on Social Media for Health Companies

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The global wellness economy is currently worth $4.5 trillion as of 2018. These sectors range from beauty and anti-aging ($1,083 billion) to healthy eating and weight loss ($702 billion). Around the world, people are caring more about the health of their bodies and now have the disposable income to invest in themselves.

This is good news for budding health companies. You can quickly grow your social media footprint across your region or even all over the world. Here are a few tips to guide your online presence, whether you are growing organic herbs for local farmers’ markets or selling dietary supplements across the globe.

Educate your audiences.

While many people want to improve their health, get fit, and lose weight, they oftentimes don’t know how. Should they cut out all sugar sources? What about all carbs? What is the best way to exercise?

Turn your social media presence into a source for reliable information. For example, you can explain how different vitamins help the body or highlight the process of getting a product approved by the FDA. You can help people make smart health decisions in their lives and build good habits that last in the long run. Think of your social channels as a service for informing and educating audiences.

Identify threats to your business.

As you grow your health business and take on new employees and assets (like warehouses, storefronts, and other physical locations) you will need to focus on security. Physical security is important, but so is digital security.

Today’s online tools can help business owners identity threats to their business, whether this involves plans to attack members of your staff or to hack your social media accounts and post violent or racist images. Not only will these hacks offend your audiences and hurt your reputation, but they could get your accounts suspended. Consider using a tool like to monitor the internet and dark web for threats.

Highlight the products and ingredients you use.

One of the best ways to stand above the rest as a health company on social media is to be transparent about the products and ingredients you use. Health consumers are particularly careful about what they put on their bodies and where these ingredients come from. They don’t want to use products that could damage the rain forest or eat and drink items made from processed chemicals.

You have the power to win customers over by openly sharing where your items come from. You can boast about working with the best supplement manufacturers or share how good certain ingredients are. This can grow your sales and brand reputation.

Counter misinformation when you see it.

The more people you attract to your health company, the more influence you have. This means you can take steps to counter dangerous ideas and misinformation that could directly hurt your customers.

“It is already a problem that people rely on the internet in general for such medical research — and in no way should going online replace going to a doctor for serious problems,” Peter Suciu writes at Forbes.

By calling out false claims and incorrect statements, you can boost your own brand image. You can market yourself as a business that focuses on accuracy and facts — not popular trends. This will grow your brand image and make your business more effective at selling to customers.

Right now is an exciting time to enter the health industry. People are learning so much about their bodies and how to take care of them. Use your social media presence to educate and guide your customers to choose the best options for their health and dietary needs.

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