The Most Popular Trades After High School

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Many people grow up thinking the only logical step they can take after high school is to go away to college and get a degree. While this is an incredibly worthy path, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. In fact, many people may prefer to get out of school and start working in a skilled trade. You may not even realize how much money there is to be made in this industry. If you don’t think higher education or a college career is right for you, it may be time to explore the wide variety of popular trades that could also be a great profession for you.

Depending on your interests, there may be a few different trade opportunities for you. If you’ve always been known as the family handyman, look into becoming an electrician or repairman. If you enjoy talking to people and investing in great beauty tips, it may be time to get your cosmetology license. You can even look into great medical careers that don’t require a single day in medical school. Explore some of these popular trade options as you decide where you want to go after high school.

Beauty and Cosmetology

Hairdressers and cosmetologists are excellent workers who help you feel beautiful and stylish. If you’ve been giving yourself haircuts or taking care of your own nail care for years, you may want to look into making a living out of it. Check out a great cosmetology program that will give you the opportunity to practice at your own salon. You can even explore options to become an esthetician and take care of nail care specifically. Upon successful completion of your course, you’ll be a licensed cosmetologist who can work at any salon and start styling your own clients.

Trucking and Commercial Driving

Anyone who has ever driven on a highway has definitely seen a large commercial semi-truck alongside them. Did you know those drivers are actually well-paid trade workers? Become a commercial driver and get to travel the country and enjoy some time to catch up on great audiobooks or podcasts. You can get a CDL & driving education in Clayton, NJ, or other locations across the country to start on your path to driving these commercial vehicles all over the country.


For people who love to build and create things, you should explore career options in construction. This is hard work, but it can be incredibly rewarding to know you’re building different homes, roads, or structures that will benefit the masses. Construction experts make a decent living and have good opportunities to move up in the field.


An up-and-coming skilled trade is welding. Work with heavy machinery and fine metals and look for ways to combine them to make something new and useful. Because there are so many people around the world looking for good welders, you’ll be able to travel and still practice your trade. It’s easy to get started, and you’ll be able to set your own work as a freelancer if you’d like.

Medical Technician Jobs

So many people think they can’t get a job in medicine without going to medical school. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Look for opportunities to be an ultrasound tech, phlebotomist, or medical assistant—all of which don’t require a college degree. Enjoy working in this field in creative ways by practicing one of these useful, important trades.

Electrical Work

Everyone needs a repairman at different times in their life. If you’re good at solving puzzles and working with machinery, you may make a great electrician. Enjoy a good variety in your days when you get to visit different homes or commercial buildings and problem-solve while you make your repairs.

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