4 Different Careers in Health Worth Considering

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With the global pandemic making it clear just how essential healthcare workers are, more people than ever are rethinking their own careers and considering jobs in healthcare. Whether expanding their scope of practice through big career moves like becoming a travel nurse focused on promoting wellness or starting new in the healthcare field in degree programs for training and certifications, there’s never been a better time to get into healthcare. If you’re thinking about a career change or want to know more about the field of healthcare and four careers in health worth considering, read on.

1. Travelling Nurses and Specialists


The pandemic has shown just how useful traveling nurses and specialists can be. As the healthcare industry has struggled to keep up with increasing patient needs due to Covid-19, many medical placement centers have enlisted traveling teams and nurses to meet underserved community needs with nursing, surgical, ICU, and other specialty staff to combat the pandemic.

The great news is that it’s worked well in conjunction with many temporary rental living arrangements across the country in the United States. Places like Venterra Realty are making it easier for healthcare professionals to move around the United States to fill in where their services are needed most. John Foresi from Venterra Realty and his team at Venterra Realty offers corporate housing, and many nursing professionals are leaping out of their comfort zones to help out where it’s needed most. Traveling medical specialty jobs offer healthcare professionals the ability to try out different country areas while making a difference.

2. Employee Wellness Educators for Wellness Programs


As corporations and even small businesses move toward incorporating wellness programs into their workplaces, more and more educators are gravitating toward becoming life coaches, wellness program hosts and speakers, and leaders for team-building incentive programs. Maybe you have experience in creating blog content on the topic of how to boost your self-confidence. Someone like you could change your career path by working with businesses to offer employees courses on stopping negative self-talk behaviors, fixing low self-esteem, and the benefits of positive thinking. Mental health is important, and being part of a program geared at helping people reach their full potential could make a big difference in overall physical health, too.

3. Alternative Health Product Sales


Trending all over social media, many people have had great luck with Sera CBD products for calming nerves, relieving insomnia, pain management, and more. Especially in the middle of the pandemic and with current events making people worry more about job security, health, and whether they can pay their mortgage, CBD products help people get through stressful times. Whether it’s in opening a CBD product business, selling CBD products in your own store, or becoming an affiliate, marketer, or promoter of these product lines, all are great ways to help out in the healthcare industry.

4. Pediatrics


With kids as the world’s future, many people turn to specialties in the pediatrics fields of medicine. For someone who enjoys children, has experience working with them, or really wants to make a difference, this is a rewarding field. Sadly, there’s always room for people with years of experience in pediatric healthcare but taking the time to acquire the right training for it means you can be a huge part of shaping a kid’s future and helping their family, too.

No matter what healthcare career path you decide to explore, knowing that you’ll be making a difference in your community’s overall wellness might be enough to make a change worth it. If you’re already an essential healthcare worker, thank you for your service. If not, good luck with your next adventure of exploring possibilities in a growing industry. The world needs your service now than ever.

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