How To Prepare Yourself and Your Home for a New Baby

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Children have developmental milestones they reach as they age. Adults also have milestones, such as reaching a significant birthday, getting married, or starting a family.

Welcoming a new baby is exciting and intimidating. You’re responsible for your infant’s health and well-being. You’ll also have to make multiple adjustments as you adapt to your new role. Let’s look at ways to prepare your home before your infant’s arrival and things you can do to prepare yourself for your baby’s arrival.

How can you prepare your home for your new baby?


You’ll be busy with midnight feedings and diaper changes once your baby arrives, and your infant will frequently sleep throughout the day, which is why you’ll want to complete essential home repairs and upgrades before welcoming your new baby.

Turn to home remodeling experts to update your home. Find a company that does home remodeling in Minneapolis and replace old windows. New windows are energy efficient, helping you save money on your energy bills, and you’ll eliminate drafts that could cause your baby discomfort. Your remodeling experts can also install a new shower or bathtub, as you may find it easier to bathe your child in a freestanding tub set on a shower floor rather than using a bathtub. Since you’ll spend a lot of time bathing your baby, it’s a good idea to think about your bathroom setup before your little one arrives.

Install childproof devices throughout your home. Babies start crawling by 9 months of age, and while it may be a few months before they’ll have a chance to open kitchen cabinets or reach the stairs, you may be sleep-deprived and overlook these crucial tasks before your baby starts crawling. Add childproof safety locks to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Install baby gates at staircases to prevent falls. Falls send millions of children to the hospital each year, and taking steps to prevent falls can protect your infant from serious injury.

Ensure your nursery’s ready before your baby arrives. Make a checklist of essential items needed, such as a crib, baby monitor, glider, bookshelf, changing table, and blackout curtains. Having a completed nursery before your baby arrives lets you care for their needs without scrambling to get last-minute essentials.

How can you prepare yourself for your new arrival?


Familiarize yourself with tools you can use to care for your baby, such as nursing bras. The best nursing bras include bras for nursing and pumping breast milk. Hands-free pumping bras work with electronic breast pumps made by Spectra, Medela, and other popular brands. Some pumping bras convert to nursing bras, enabling you to minimize the number of bras you need while nursing your infant.

Spend time reading about how to care for an infant. Parents make multiple decisions that affect the health and well-being of their babies and themselves, and reading parent advice can help you make effective choices to protect your child. For example, thousands of infants die from sleep-related issues each year. Educate yourself to ensure you choose the right crib and set up your baby’s sleeping area to keep them safe.

Discuss parenting decisions with your partner. You can prevent arguments by determining how to address issues such as midnight feedings before welcoming your baby. Have an agreement in place to prevent conflict from assumptions. Be realistic about your needs and limitations, particularly if you’re giving birth. You might have discomfort from stitches or be recovering from surgery if you had a cesarean section. Ensure your partner understands how to support you and that you have the help you need.

Welcoming a baby is exciting, but it’s also a turbulent time of transition. Getting your home ready before you welcome your baby will make it easier to care for your baby and yourself. Educating yourself about resources to simplify essential tasks and protect your child will also help you adjust to your role as a parent.

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