Empowering Your App Teams: Enterprise Manager Recommendations


In the startup phase of your app, it’s important to keep your team of developers connected and offer them goal-oriented guidance. The pandemic has resulted in many teams becoming dismantled and being forced to work remotely from home. With a lack of personal connection, it can be easy to lose focus. Virtual communication and instruction can lack clarity, and it’s common for things to become lost in translation. With the help of enterprise software solutions, you can revive communication and motivation within your development team, and you can transform your app development to achieve things that, previously, you could only imagine.

Sustaining a Motivated Team


When your team is physically distanced from one another, communicating goals and expectations can become complicated. It’s easy for your team to lose their motivation and drive for goal setting and achievement because of the stress from being displaced. Integrating an OKR software into your business operations allows you to create a strategic plan, promote teamwork, streamline team members’ workflow, and state company goals with high levels of clarity. Workboard’s OKR tracking software makes goal setting and accountability simple for your distributed, remote team, and the entire organization. OKR integrations let you clearly state company objectives and anticipated key results, and OKR focuses on achieving measurable outcomes with these key results. In order to align best practices and company goals for the end of the quarter and into the next quarter, OKR software provides a SaaS template for your employees to use to engage with one another and align their expectations and goals with those of the company.


OKR software integrations work to increase accountability, teamwork, and employee engagement by giving your team members continuous feedback in real-time with regular updates, such as weekly check-ins. OKR tool integrations not only give your team access to a strategic plan with key results, but they also help them align their personal OKRs with the OKRs of the entire organization. The transparency and accessibility of Workboard’s OKR software tool make collaboration and informed decision-making the priority. By defining the company objectives and key results with an OKR framework, strategic processes in your business plan are more likely to be achieved because your remote team members have access to an OKR platform for continuous feedback, open communication, and performance reviews of the entire organization.

Cloud Governance in the Time of COVID-19

Especially now, with many teams working remotely, the utilization of different business applications and software are on the rise. These applications can automate certain tasks throughout the workday, provide internet security, and process resource changes. Turbot (turbot.com) offers a cloud governance platform that combines business applications like AWS, Azure, and GCP into a single sign-on making managing these operating systems easier and giving company leadership more control. Your team can achieve digital agility and avoid misconfigurations through Turbot’s cloud governance platform. Leadership, HR teams, sales, and any other departments of your staff can be best practice the ready program Turbot’s software provides.


Turbot’s policy engine provides internet security with predefined guidelines and guardrails. By consolidating the business applications and integrations of your entire organization into a single sign-on for your team members, company leadership can quickly and easily manage user credentials and permissions, and your sales team can leverage the abilities of GCP, Azure, and AWS outposts. With Turbot, your company’s sensitive data, along with the personal data of your team members and customers are always protected and encrypted. Turbot’s cloud governance platform can automate the data protection process of circulation, encryption, and deletion of secure information. Hundreds of business integrations can be consolidated with Turbot’s software, making connecting and monitoring your teams and departments simple.

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