3 Hacks To Boost Your Health and Hygiene Quickly

Diet and Nutrients

Hygienic habits include showering and brushing your teeth. They’re routine tasks performed to keep you clean and prevent disease. Unless you brush your teeth regularly, you may develop cavities and gum disease. Washing your hands with soap eliminates germs that cause infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. Showering eliminates bacteria that can cause skin problems.

Although bathing’s important, you may have difficulty if you have stitches due to an injury and can’t get part of your body wet. Anxiety and depression can also deter you from bathing by causing fatigue or physical pain, making it challenging to perform regular tasks. Your health and hygiene are interconnected, and health issues may cause problems with hygiene, which may, in turn, trigger health problems. Let’s look at ways to give your health and hygiene a quick boost.

1. Bathroom Remodel


Since your health and hygiene are connected, you can promote health and hygiene by maintaining a hygiene routine. This involves washing your hands after using the bathroom, keeping your hands and nails clean, brushing your teeth, and bathing. Since you may struggle to perform these tasks if you have physical or mental health issues, updating your bathroom can help.

Have experts install handrails in your shower and near your toilet if you have mobility issues. Installing underfloor heating can make it easier to spend time in the bathroom because some health issues cause sensitivity to cold. You can also use color therapy to transform your bathroom into a soothing space to combat depression or anxiety.

Investing in a tub to shower conversion is another effective way to promote health and hygiene. A zero-threshold shower reduces the risk of falling in the bathroom because you don’t have to step over the side of a bathtub. Installing a new shower can also improve your hygiene because you can choose a surround with Microban technology, which kills viruses and prevents microbes from growing inside your shower. You can also install a seat, making it easier to bathe if you’re struggling with fatigue.

2. Diet and Nutrients


Eating healthy foods promotes health and hygiene. Work and personal commitments can make it challenging to maintain a balanced diet, causing weight gain, acne, and digestive disorders. A poor diet can also cause or contribute to health problems such as diabetes, foot odor, and bad breath.

You can boost your diet with a monthly vitamin subscription, ensuring you get the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain your health. Turn to custom vitamin suppliers and complete a quick assessment outlining your health goals. You’ll receive recommendations about which supplements to take to achieve your goals. You can choose a recommended pack or customize your order. Your supplements come in a dispenser box with 30 individual servings to last you throughout the month. You won’t have to sort your supplements, and the dispenser box makes it easy to keep track, ensuring you don’t forget to take your supplements every day.

3. Exercise


Exercise includes aerobic and low-impact exercises. Some people may start an exercise routine by walking daily while others may jog, ride a bicycle, or lift weights. Exercise is good for your physical well-being because it helps improve muscle strength and prompts your body to deliver oxygen to your tissues, and it also promotes heart and lung health. Exercising can further help you lose weight, preventing health issues associated with obesity.

Exercising also supports your mental health. Regular exercise promotes your self-esteem and helps alleviate anxiety. It also prompts your body to produce and release endorphins that promote positive feelings, helping counter depression.

In addition to promoting your physical and mental health, exercise boosts your hygiene. Your blood flow increases, helping you flush cellular debris and toxins from your body and cleansing your skin.

You can boost your health and hygiene by investing in a bathroom remodel to transform your bathroom into a safe, welcoming space. Improving your diet and exercising will also boost your health and hygiene.

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