Services Typically Included Under Home Warranty

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When you purchase a new home, the last thing you want to worry about is your home appliances or home systems failing. Depending on the age of your home, you may be faced with unexpected costs sooner than later. Home warranty coverage provides homeowners with financial protection in unexpected replacement costs for major home items.

What is a home warranty?


A home warranty policy is an annual service contract covering the repair and replacement costs of major home systems and appliances. It’s a type of home appliance insurance that gives homeowners peace of mind in the face of unavoidable breakdowns due to normal wear and tear. Unlike homeowners insurance, which is mandatory coverage for belongings from unexpected events, a home warranty is optional additional coverage.

Home warranty coverage lasts for a term of one to two years and can be renewed or canceled afterward. With a warranty plan, you contact your warranty provider when a major system or major appliance breaks down. The provider makes a service request on your behalf, and a repair company will schedule an appointment with you. You may have to pay a service call fee to a home warranty company in addition to the cost of repair.

The best home warranty company offers homeowners not only unbeatable coverage but peace of mind. AFC Home Club is one of the best home warranty companies in Texas. The warranty provider offers multiple levels of coverage, quick customer service, and the ability to work with your service technician of choice.

AFC’s repairs and rates are guaranteed longer than the industry standard, and they are transparent about all costs and items covered based on plan options, such as the cost of service fees. Homeowners in the lone star state have plenty of coverage options to choose from. The basic plan, silver plan, gold plan (a combo plan), and the comprehensive coverage option, the platinum plan all offer peace of mind in the face of unexpected costs.

What’s covered under a home warranty?


Homeowners with a home warranty contract receive a discount on the costs of repairs and replacements for home appliances and home systems. You can get a warranty policy regardless of the age of your home or the ability to provide maintenance records. Most warranty companies offer either an appliances plan or systems plan, though some companies offer a combo plan covering both.

Home warranty plans can cover home systems either alone or in conjunction with an appliance plan. Examples of home systems include electrical systems, ductwork, heating systems, plumbing, and water heaters. Common appliances include HVAC systems, dishwashers, garbage disposals, pool equipment, refrigerators, and spa equipment. Homeowners can customize their warranty plans with add-on coverage. You may consider optional coverage for other essential home systems such as the sump pump, well pump, or septic tank.

There are certain things that a warranty plan won’t cover, such as cosmetic issues. Over time, it’s natural for your once clean carpet to suffer spills, stains, and odors. Carpet cleaning is necessary to eliminate common household allergens, dirt, pet dander, and other residues that are harmful to your health and the life of your carpet. The skilled technicians at Sundry provide professional carpet cleaning services using a variety of cleaning methods. The professional carpet cleaners also offer area rugs cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery, and vinyl floor cleaning.

Coverage Limits


Every home warranty plan comes with annual coverage limits, which can vary from one home warranty company to another. It’s not uncommon for a policy to have separate caps for each coverage option. Most plans also come with aggregate limits, which cap the total amount the warranty company will pay for covered losses in one time period.

Before choosing a warranty policy, always read the fine print and look for any coverage exclusions that could surprise you.

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