Embarrassed By Your Gift-Giving Skills? Here’s The Secret to Success

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Do you stress every year over every gift-giving occasion? Do you always disappoint your family and friends with last-minute ideas? You want to express your care for your loved ones, but you struggle to come up with thoughtful ideas that cater to each individual’s likes and interests. With so many different special occasions in the year, you want a convenient way to find that perfect gift that will surprise them each time. Don’t worry; you can rest easy knowing that you can instantly upgrade your gift-giving game with some simple pointers.

Gather information.

The key to coming up with ideas for creative gifts is to simply pay attention. Invite your friends all out to eat, and ask some probing questions that will reveal something they want or need. Figure out their favorite stores and set reminders on your calendar for upcoming sales and new arrivals. If the holiday season is fast approaching, and you’re still unsure what to get each of your family members, give them a call and stay up to date on their latest hobbies and activities.

If it’s a new coworker or next-door neighbor, it can serve as the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. As invasive as it may feel, the more detail and information you gather on them, the more thoughtful the gift. Your loved ones are sure to be pleasantly shocked by how much you carefully pay attention to their unique sense of style and taste. In order to make this process as convenient as possible, make sure you plan and schedule a specific window of time well in advance to shop around at multiple places in order to find the best gift.

Keep it practical.

While you not only want to make your gift thoughtful, you also want to make sure that it’s something that can get a lot of use from. There’s a range of standard categories of presents that can apply to any occasion and person, and all you have to do is make it unique to their individuality. You can make gift giving easier for yourself by first planning in terms of what piece of apparel, gift card, or experience you can buy them. Everyone appreciates a stylish new addition to their wardrobe or gift card to pick out what they like at their favorite store, presents that are guaranteed to be a success, and provide them with a special memory.

Don’t go too personal.

Another guarantee for gift-giving success is to keep it as neutral as possible. Unless you know them well, you want to avoid joke gifts and other presents that may offend someone or be seen as inappropriate. Something like a photo memorialized in a nice frame is an example of a thoughtful gift that isn’t uncomfortably personal. When in doubt, give them something everyone enjoys, such as sleepwear, sweaters, or sweatshirts. You can’t go wrong with a nice pajama set or a loungewear outfit they can get cozy in on a lazy weekend. Make them a self-care kit with a candle, plush robe, and comfortable pair of slippers that are guaranteed to make them feel relaxed.

Get crafty.

If you’re on a budget but still want to give them a thoughtful gift, make them something hand-made that they can cherish forever. Even if you aren’t artistically skilled, they’ll simply be touched by the thought and effort. For the sentimental, organize your photos and memories together in a scrapbook or collage. You can also make a candle or bar of soap from scratch with a unique scent that they can’t find in stores. Find this as the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby, such as knitting or painting, to give them something uniquely personalized.

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