3 Family Services That You May Need

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As rewarding as parenting can be, there are moments when every parent needs to get some rest to feel more relaxed and restored. Luckily, childcare, legal, and medical professionals are making rest and support a possibility for most parents. One of the most important steps to getting support is knowing where to find it, and below, we explore three helpful resources.

1. Family Therapy


Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps individual members of the family improve their patterns of interaction and communication. It also helps family members develop helpful tools to help them resolve family conflicts. Also referred to as family counseling, marriage counseling, or couples therapy, family therapy can be used to support relatives of an individual struggling with a mental illness such as depression, schizophrenia, or a substance abuse disorder.

Family therapy typically brings several family members together for therapy sessions. However, individual therapy is also an option. This type of therapy is often short-term, and your therapist will guide you on the number of sessions you’ll need. However, once your weekly or monthly sessions are done, your family therapist can continue to play a long-term supportive role whenever other issues arise.

2. Family Law Attorney


Family law attorneys are attorneys with legal experience in handling family law matters. They deal with legal matters that involve family members. Some of these legal issues include alimony, child support, and fault divorce, among others. In the event where family disputes end up in family court, family attorneys can help claimants receive justice

For instance, if you need to file a paternity case to secure child support payments from an absentee father, an experienced family law attorney can present this motion to a family court judge on your behalf.

When looking for a family attorney, consider one who’s local to your state or the state where you’re hoping to file a case. Most local family lawyers are familiar with the local legal community—family court employees, other family lawyers, judges, social workers—as well as your state’s family law. Consequently, by working with a local law firm, you’ll also be benefiting from the contacts and local legal relationships that they’ve built over the years.

To find family lawyer attorneys that you can trust, visit your local Law Society or Bar Association’s website to access a database of local family law attorneys. Some of the attorneys that you find through this site offer free consultations, so keep this in mind as you look through the database. A quick “family law attorney near me” Google search can also help you yield some helpful results. To get better search results, include the specific family law issue you need help with; for instance, mediation, guardianship, spousal support, or prenuptial agreement, to mention a few.

3. Family Dentist


By maintaining good dental hygiene, not only do you have healthy teeth but you also improve your appearance and general health. A family dentist is a dental professional with expertise in providing dental care to dental patients of all ages, and they can help your entire family maintain healthy smiles.

If you need help finding a family dentist you can trust, start by looking within your insurance network. As you do this, ensure that all the dental services—cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, family dentistry, preventive dentistry — you need are also covered by your insurer. Your primary care doctor may also be able to recommend some local dental specialists they trust.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, schedule consultations with at least three dentists before making a decision. During your consultation, consider the staff’s demeanor, the dentist’s willingness to answer your questions, and the average waiting time. Don’t be afraid to be picky about your dentist or any other service provider. Your family’s health comes first, so keep researching until you find the right fit.

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